Up and Coming Home Decor Styles

Interior design is constantly changing, and it feels good to keep your home fresh and updated. You don’t have to hire contractors and tear apart your house in an invasive way each turn of the season. Simple styling adjustments can add just the modern touch that you desire.

Home Décor Trends

In the past year, many people have been forced to make their living space more comfortable and accommodating. Some have even uprooted and sold their old home to find more space and better flow in a new home. This past year full of changes included significant changes in the interior decorating realm.

Here are some interior decorating trends worth considering:

  1. Curvy Furniture: In contrast to the clean, straight lines of the modern style comes curvy, sculpture-like furniture. Accent furniture that is the focal point to a room can be very popular. And make no mistake, these pieces are equally as comfortable as they are intriguing.

  2. Bold Colors: Take a muted background and add pops of color, mixing primary shades of bold blues, reds, and yellows to jump out and make a statement. Picture a cobalt blue vase and a red velvet pillow in your living room.

  3. More Is Good: Forget minimalism ─ the maximalist decorating approach is emerging. It’s all about adding bits and pieces to the room that make it unique to your style. Too much isn’t possible. Use the busy-print wallpaper and mix it with your floral bedspread. Add curtains and pillows and rugs and coffee tables. If it makes you happy, go for it.

  4. Mixing Prints: Stripes mixed with checkers, flowers mixed with geometric shapes, all of it is acceptable. This quaint way of decorating can be done sensibly, bringing out the strengths of each print to complement each other.

  5. Cottage Chic: Similar to farmhouse style, the cottage-style of interior design comes with a lot of pottery, layering of blankets, and golden hardware and dishes. Think cozy and rustic.

  6. Wanderlust Art and Murals: While many went a year or more without travel, they brought the tropical locations to them. You can add enlarged pictures of your travels or beachy murals to your living room to make it unique and inviting.

  7. Home Office Emphasis: The home office used to be an afterthought, only used as needed. It now has become the focal point of many homes, with decorating as a high priority for those numerous video conference calls each day.

  8. Multiple Textures: Furry rugs mixed with leather pillows and woven twine light fixtures can all exist together in one room. Everywhere you look, there is a new visual delight adding dimension to the room.

  9. Plants Galore: Bring the beauty of outside indoors with plants hanging from the ceiling, up on shelves, and cascading o